Teaching, Training, & Lifelong Learning! Online Training: Your Time, Your Space!

Teaching, Training, & Lifelong Learning!

"If you give a man a fish..." We want you to learn to fish, not just rely on someone to do it for you. Independence is our goal for your health and fitness goals. It starts one habit at a time.

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Online Training: Your Time, Your Space!

Personal Training convenient to you. Personalized Programs. Accountability. Not just counting reps for you.

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Lifelong Learning!

Peace of mind knowing you are making the right nutrition choices for you and have established the habits to back it up.

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In-services are designed to give child care workers their required continuing education.  The Curriculum and Grow & Development classes are DSS approved and…

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Band Training & Packages

For a few years now I have used bands in my home workout.  No more heavy weights to move around.  I can even take them with me when going out of town.  Band have got to be one of the best investments I have made for working out at home.

Here is a store link to your own band workout.

About Me

My name is Tim Good.  I have been an educator for the last twenty years.  My love of how our body moves led me into the personal training field and my love of being active and having fun led me to teach children.  Now I want to share my experiences with adults who want to […]

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